Coaching Team 2019!

Introducing our coaching teams for 2019!

Our Tinies will be coached by Siobhan Ryan alongside cadet Isabella and assistants Shakyla, Jayne, Caeli and Ashleigh!

Our Sub Juniors will be coached by Stephanie Brown, cadets Tiffany and Kaitlyn with assistants Emily and Mikayla!

Our Juniors will be coached by Stephanie Ivancic with assistants Mikayla, Jasmina, Emily, Siobhan and Madeline!

Our Inters will be coached by Madeline Smith with cadet Kaitlyn alongside assistants Carolyn and Katrina!

Seniors is to be co-coached by Siobhan and Bronwyn Ryan!

Masters will be coached by Brittany Brown and assisted by Madeline!

We are all looking forward to what 2019 may bring for Raieburn and would love for you to be apart of it!! Classes start the week of 4th of February and we have come and try classes 22nd and 29th of January!