Ready, Set, Shine!

Classes commence this week for all of our sections! We are excited to get started on what is bound to be another great year at Raieburn!

Classes are as follows:

  • Tinies (Age 3-7) Monday 4:30-6:15pm, Craigieburn Secondary College
  • Sub-Juniors (Age 8-10) Monday 4:30-6:30pm, Craigieburn South Primary
  • Juniors (11-13) Thursday 4:45-7pm, Craigieburn Secondary College
  • Intermediates (Age 14-17) Tuesday 5:30-8pm, Craigieburn Secondary College
  • Seniors (Age 17+) Monday 6:30-9pm, Craigieburn South Primary
  • Masters (Age 26+) Wednesday 7-9:30pm, Craigieburn South Primary