About Us

Welcome to Raieburn Calisthenics! We are a club of approximately 80 students and their families who help form our club. We have been running classes in Craigieburn for many  years. 2018 marked our 40th Anniversary!

Our aim is to provide a safe and happy sporting environment to all our pupils. We  provide an environment where all students can learn a wide variety of calisthenics skills, be a member of a competing team, develop confidence, self-esteem, co-ordination and fitness. They also develop team work skills, friendships, camaraderie and enjoy a happy and positive experience through calisthenics.

Raieburn Calisthenics Inc is committed to ensuring our Club is a Child Safe Standard Club.
The Club adopts a zero tolerance approach to child abuse and respects, embraces and supports the diversity of all children. Raieburn Calisthenics Inc will include all children, regardless of race or ability, to the same extent and all are welcome at our club.

All of the Coaches, Cadets, Assistants, Helpers, Committee Members, Group Representatives
and all other Volunteers at Raieburn Calisthenics Inc are required to adhere to our
Child Safe Standards and Codes of Conduct Policies

We are a club made up of 7 level one coaches, 2 cadet coaches and many class assistants to help our students along the way. Our committee is made up of a small band of executive and regular members who help with the day to day running of the college.

Our Coaches

  • Stephanie Brown
  • Stephanie Ivancic
  • Siobhan Ryan
  • Brittany Brown
  • Tiffany Canty
  • Bronwyn Ryan
  • Madeline Smith

Our Cadets

  • Kaitlyn Pyle
  • Isabella Harrison

Our Assistants

  • Caeli Keegan
  • Shakyla Nicholls
  • Jayne Georgaloudis
  • Mikayla Carter
  • Emily McCoullough
  • Jasmina Pejovski
  • Carolyn Bretag
  • Ashleigh Quigg
  • Emily Prouse

Executive Committee

  • Vickie Ryan – President
  • Tammy Yendall- Treasurer
  • Renee O’ Rourke– Secretary

Information Booklet

ACF/CV Adopted Policies

Child Safe Standards Policies

Additional Club Policies