Club Awards

Life Members

Life Members

Life Memberships are presented to students who have achieved 20 years of service with our Club.

A Life Membership may also be awarded, at the discretion of the executive committee, to committee members and parents who have shown an extraordinary commitment to our Club. This award is offered to honour those who have been heavily involved in the behind the scenes running of our Club for an extended period of time.

  • Rae Fairweather – Founder of Raieburn
  • Aimee Davies
  • Alison Cusack
  • Amanda Armitage
  • Angela Ivancic
  • Brittany Brown
  • Bronwyn Ryan
  • Carol Toomey
  • Carolyn Bretag
  • Catherine Hewitt
  • Chelsea Ackland
  • Chris Quayle
  • David Ryan
  • Dawn Hollaway
  • Debbey Fielding
  • Deidre English
  • Elizabeth Bretag
  • Ellen Garcia
  • Jessica Quayle
  • Judy Fielding
  • June Campbell (dec)
  • Kath Bretag
  • Katrina Green
  • Kaye Adami
  • Kaylene Canty
  • Linda Repic
  • Marion Ellery
  • Natalie Ruff
  • Sally Walton
  • Sandra McLoon
  • Siobhan Ryan
  • Stephanie Born
  • Stephanie Egan
  • Sue Grant (dec)
  • Terry McPhee
  • Tiffany Canty
  • Tracey Holden
  • Val Green
  • Vickie Ryan
  • Wendy Van Dyk

Miss Raieburn

Miss Raieburn

Our Most Prestigious Coaches Award.

Awarded to one student in our Club who the coaches feel has made an outstanding contribution to their team/Club.

It has been awarded for different reasons; but always for showing the utmost commitment, contribution and dedication to our sport and their team, is first and foremost.

It can be for –

  • Outstanding commitment to the Club,
  • Being an outstanding positive team member,
  • Showing outstanding improvement and dedication to their own work as well as encouraging their teammates
  • and sometimes all these elements and more!

The winner receives a perpetual trophy for 12 months, a trophy to keep and a scholarship for term one classes for the following year.

2005: Katrina Green

2006: Sally Walton (Baker)

2007: Torie Killender

2008: Sarah Crans

2009: Stephanie Ivancic

2010: Mikayla Canty

2011: Carolyn Bretag

2012: Ellen Garcia

2013: Brooke Cooper

2014: Madeline Smith

2015: Catherine Hewitt

2016: Kiara Keegan

2017: Isabella Harrison

2018: Caeli Keegan

2019: Emily Prouse

2020: No Award Given due to Covid

2021: Jayne Georgaloudis

2022: Aimee Azzopardi

2023:  Bella Graham

Most Outstanding First Year

Most Outstanding First Year

The Most Prestigious Club Award

Presented to one student in the Club who all coaches feel has had a brilliant first year of Calisthenics in their ability to be part of a team and has shown improvement throughout the year in their technique and performance.

The student receives a trophy to keep and a scholarship for term one classes for the following year.

2005: Nicole Hickson

2006: Alahna Conley

2007: Taylor Sterio

2008: Lauren Milroy

2009: Natasha Howell

2010: Chelsea Hanson

2011: Ebru Caliskan

2012: Taylah Hynes-Alnes

2013: Faazleen Faiyaz

2014: Jayne Georgaloudis

2015: Anna Salazar

2016: Ashleigh Quigg

2017: Alana Brown

2018: Bryony Williams

2019: Valentina Masic

2020: No Award Given due to Covid

2021: Emma Gikovska

2022: Phoebe Valkenburg

2023:  Mariam Toma

Pupil Most Dedicated to Raieburn Calisthenics

Pupil Most Dedicated to Raieburn Calisthenics Club

Our Most Prestigious Club Award.

In 2016 we were honoured to have our Founder, Rae Fairweather and her husband Ian, donate a perpetual award to a student of Raieburn Calisthenics Inc. This award is given in honour of Rae’s mother, June Campbell, a lady who was devoted to all thing’s Calisthenics.

The recipient of this award is someone who displays the following attributes –

  • is a supportive team member
  • has leadership qualities
  • is a diligent student of Calisthenics
  • is an excellent role model
  • takes part in peer tutoring
  • attends all extra practices and activities
  • is involved in all extra curricular activities e.g. fundraising
  • supports the coach at competitions e.g. assists with props, helps get girls into position on stage etc.
  • has a genuine love of Calisthenics

The winner receives a perpetual trophy for 12 months, a trophy to keep and a scholarship for term one classes for the following year.

2016: Carolyn Bretag

2017: Siobhan Ryan

2018: Emily McCoullough

2019: Kaitlyn Pyle

2020: No Award Given due to Covid

2021: Jasmina Pejovski

2022: Alana O’Rourke

2023: Isabella Calthrope

Team Awards

Team Awards

Awarded to students from Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors*:

A choice of one of these awards will be given, per team.

Most Consistent – awarded to a student who has displayed a consistent effort at each and every class.

Most Improved – awarded to a student who has shown the greatest improvement in their ability and technique since the beginning of the year.

Encouragement Award – given to a student who coaches see a great deal of potential in and would like to see the student continue to display the same enthusiasm in following years.

Coaches Award – given to a student the coaches feel deserve recognition for various reasons which can include their overall dedication, team like attitude and for their performances throughout the year.

Best Team Girl – awarded to a student who shows commitment to their team through their work ethic at class and at home. A best team girl looks for ways and opportunities to improve or benefit their teammates. This student is recognised for their team spirit at class, competitions and all other Club events. They have made a positive impact to team morale.

* Students in Tinies receive a participation medallion or trophy each year.

Sub-Juniors 2023 Awards

Most Consistent – Vanessa Klancic

Most Improved – Renasha Phuyal

Encouragement Award – Veronica Bisht & Sloane Chuck

Coaches Award – Poppy Narandan

Best Team Girl – Valentina Masic

Juniors 2023 Awards

Most Consistent – Alicia Keegan

Most Improved – Alexis Smorthwaite

Encouragement Award – Amelia Quigg

Coaches Award – Shayella Reed

Best Team Girl – Charlotte Vasic

Intermediates 2023 Awards

Most Improved – Harper Chuck

Coaches Award – Nikki Cottrill

Best Team Girl – Emma Pyle

Seniors 2023 Awards

Most Consistent – Jayne Georgaloudis & Aimee Azzopardi

Encouragement Award – Caeli Keegan

Coaches Award – Shakyla Nicholls

Best Team Girl – Alannah Galati

Service Awards 2023

Service Awards 2023


Lola Butcher

Sloane Chuck

Valetina Masic


Alannah Galati

Jayne Georgaloudis


Emily Younan


Tiffany Canty


Stephanie Born

Stephanie Egan

Perfect Attendance Awards

2023 Perfect Attendance Awards

Awarded to students who have had 100% attendance at class this year. Exemptions are allowed for school activities such as camps / concerts and contagious diseases (chicken pox, measles etc. as per school exclusion guidelines), hospitalisation and death in the family. Holidays are not exempt.

  • Aimee Azzopardi
  • Alannah Galati
  • Ashleigh Quigg
  • Caeli Keegan
  • Hayley Mutz
  • Jayne Georgaloudis
  • Shakyla Nicholls
  • Alana O’Rourke
  • Harper Chuck
  • Nikki Cottrill
  • Alicia Keegan
  • Bella Graham
  • Emelia Lee
  • Havana Tralongo
  • Lola Butcher
  • Siena Cerra-Peck
  • Talia Cerra-Peck
  • Luna Peatling
  • Immie Peatling
  • Anika Gill
  • Ashlyn Gill