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Congratulations Kiara!

Congratulations to our soloist Kiara on her final comp of the year. We’re so incredibly proud of you! This 2023 season could not have happened without the amazing support of our Raieburn family

Congratulations Jayne!

Congratulations to our wonderful soloist Jayne, who was awarded a HC at Western Districts Solo Competition on the weekend! Her dedication, hard work and love for calisthenics is incredible! She really did light up the stage and make us all very proud!


Congratulations to our 2 soloist for 2017, Jayne Georgaloudis and Holly Kealy who competed in their 1st ever solo competitions on the weekend! Both girls did a wonderful job and everyone at Raieburn is so proud of the way they represented our club! Best of luck to these 2 girls for their upcoming competitions!